3-4. Identifying Risks in a Cosplay Project

Before you dive into creating a cosplay, you want to identify risks. A risk is anything that would prevent you from completing, transporting, and wearing the costume safely.

If you identify risks early on in the project, you can plan accordingly to prevent the risks from impacting your cosplay plans.


Risk Ways to Resolve
Trying a new technique or new materials that could yield costly mistakes
  • Try out the technique with less expensive materials
  • Experiment with a small amount of the material
  • Leave yourself  extra time and materials to experiment and rework
Big or elaborate project that could run over budget
  • Break down all the elements of your costume to understand full scope of work
  • Add 25-30% onto your budget for unexpected issues or things
Short deadline
  • Identify what pieces are nice-to-have (i.e. not necessary) for if you need to drop or substitute when time runs out
    e.g. nice-to-have: making custom boots from scratch; substitute: boots you own that look close enough 
  • Avoid ordering online which involves delivery time (or expensive speedy delivery)
Large or delicate costume that needs to travel by train/car/plane/public transport
  • Plan to pack, not wear. Large or delicate costumes will get damaged if worn during travel
  • Design ways to collapse  big pieces for compact packing
  • Design ways to isolate fragile pieces for careful packing
Trying new make-up or effects
  • Thoroughly research materials that are safe to use. See an eye doctor for contacts.
  • Do a test on your wrist first to see if you have an allergic reaction
  • Run several tests ahead of time to get a feel for applying the makeup
Props include realistic looking weapons
  • Check with con staff about what types of props and materials are acceptable
  • Do not openly carry replica weapons in public
  • Have a back-up plan in case the weapon cannot be used, needs to be checked, or is confiscated

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