Getting Started with Cosplay


Watching the world of cosplay change over the last 10+ years, I remember back when I started to cosplay in 2003. Everything was much more DIY and the community was small, but passionate.

The cosplay world of today is a different beast entirely. With the power of the internet, more people are becoming inspired, taking the plunge and dressing up as their favorite characters. Practically any material a cosplayer could want is just a few clicks away. Fans connect across the globe and it’s obvious that cosplay is more accessible than ever.

Jumping into the modern cosplay world can be intimidating. That’s why I want to share some of the lessons that I’ve learned as a cosplayer of 10+ years.

What can you expect from this series?

The purpose of this blog series is to explore the non-technical side of being a cosplayer.

The internet is filled with tutorials on how to use Worbla, how to sew circle skirts, how to pattern a sleeve, how to spike a wig, and how to cut EVA foam safely.  Getting Started with Cosplay is geared toward answering questions that aren’t usually captured in cosplay guides:

  • Do I make or buy cosplay?
  • I have too many ideas – how do I pick what to make?
  • How do I figure out a costume budget?
  • My parents don’t get my cosplay hobby: what can I do to help them understand?
  • Tips for handling criticism on the internet

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The First Step Chapter 2 - Organizing Ideas Chapter 3 - Planning a Cosplay