About Me


Hi everyone and welcome to my cosplay site!

I’ve been cosplaying since 2004, but I’ve loved making costumes and crafting since I was little.  Feel free to look around!

My Cosplay Creed:

My husband and I live as a team and cosplay as a team. Especially when the cosplays are of the odd-ball side characters from anime.

Cosplay is important, but needs to be balanced with fan fiction, miniatures war gaming, table top gaming, music, drawing, and blogging.

I will make my cosplays efficiently (without losing sleep), even if that means I outsource certain aspects. (i.e. I will probably not be spending 1,000 hours doing beading on a dress).


Some Favorites

  • Anime: One Piece, Yu Yu Haksho, Ghost in the Shell, Inuyasha, Fushigi Yugi, Seven Deadly Sins
  • Live-Action: Doctor Who, You’re Beautiful
  • Movies: Ironman, The Prestige, Spirited Away, Mulan
  • Manga: Emma, Dengeki Daisy


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  • DeviantArt
  • AC Paradise
  • WorldCosplay

Broken Lance

Broken Lance represents the work that Cycrino and I do together both in cosplay and in painting Warhammer miniatures. We have accounts on Facebook and Tumblr.